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Compleo Suite Version 7.5: What’s New

We’ve introduced several updates in the latest version of our Compleo Suite document output management software. Version 7.5 allows for further customization and efficiency, with a special focus on  load balancing. If you’ve never used our software before, this is an excellent time to learn what Compleo Suite has to offer. Read on for a… Read more »


Simplifying the cloud archiving process for commercial documents

What are the best requirements to follow for a manageable commercial document archiving process? What’s more, how can you implement and master these requirements in your IT space, so you become comfortable with a secure storage process? A legitimate archiving solution will give you the ability to retrieve a document and prove its authenticity to… Read more »


Hanging Files in a Filing Cabinet

Where Do Your Docs Go? A Guide to Document Storage

You’ve successfully completed an important transaction. The purchase order, invoice, and sales order have all been filed, signed, saved, and completed. For a major business, this may seem like the end of the process: the documents are finished, so all that’s left is to store them. But there’s more to this endpoint than you might… Read more »


pen on signature

Not using digital signatures? Here are 3 reasons to start

What a difference digitization can make. Functionally, there’s not much of a difference between a pen and paper signature and one done online: you sign and it’s done. And yet, by making the leap to online signatures, your company can make a major change with several potentially positive ramifications. The easier you make it to… Read more »


Customer Highlights: A Symtrax document management client recap

Symtrax strives to solve a variety of problems for our clients. Whether the issue is data gathering, reporting, or document publication, we’ve put serious time into assisting different companies on their journeys. Our Compleo Suite contains several software modules for tackling common issues, and our partners have found their own ways to ensure consistency through… Read more »


Accelerate Optimized Indexing for Large Volumes of Documents

The maximum file size of SQL Server 2012 is 16 terabytes. Assuming an average PDF document size of 500KB, the capacity would be 320 million documents for just a single database. Furthermore, the number of documents is not the major factor in estimating hosting capabilities. Building and searching through indexes is a time consuming process…. Read more »


Resilient Handoffs without Document Loss from Process Disruption

Whether on premises or in the Cloud, any process that sends documents from one system to another requires synchronization and acknowledgments. Reliable measures can render documents more accessible. Several factors can help define this. A robust process should be able to recover from a network failure or processing delays. In this model, each document will… Read more »


Capturing Pertinent Metadata for Pinpoint Searches

Retrieving documents can be cumbersome when the search returns more results than you’re expecting, whether your Cloud provider is Azure, Amazon, or another option. Using full text indexing or inappropriate metadata to filter the search can be part of the problem. Business documents are easy to classify per category, with relevant references such as customer… Read more »