Compleo Suite Version 7.5: What’s New


We’ve introduced several updates in the latest version of our Compleo Suite document output management software. Version 7.5 allows for further customization and efficiency, with a special focus on  load balancing. If you’ve never used our software before, this is an excellent time to learn what Compleo Suite has to offer. Read on for a quick overview of the latest features and how they can help your document management workflows.

Load Balancing
When it comes to running and managing queues, Compleo allows you to cast the net wide. Our newest version update centers on load balancing support for two cases in particular, but can apply to a wide range of scenarios. Keep that in mind if your organization is planning on expanding or updating in the future.

For IBMi usersit is now possible to process spool files and supervise outqueues on separate devices. Since Compleo Suite already allows you to access documents remotely, including through smartphones, this further extends your workflow and accessibility.

This specific use case (for outqueues) is also available for:

  • PC folders
  • Mailboxes
  • XML Stream Connector dataqueues
  • Process queues
  • SAP and XPS virtual printers

In addition, you can also access this same load balancing functionality on SAP output devices in both BC-XOM and Active Mode.

Remote Agents
Another major use of Compleo Suite Version 7.5 is in regard to remote agent high availability, and it will make system processes easier in case of an interruption. If the primary Supervisor is unavailable, remote agents can now return validated documents to a backup Supervisor instead. That can mean more document management continuity and can be especially useful for complex, decentralized organizations.

Other Updates
Along with the load balancing improvements, Compleo Suite Version 7.5 offers these useful features:

  • Shared SMTP connection support
  • IMAP for mailbox supervision
  • XML element conditions based on a variable
  • Plain text alternative for SMTP emails
  • partial object borders

Want to learn more? Contact or one of our offices. Existing customers can also log into MySymtrax, our customer portal, for the latest information.