[Business Intelligence] Business Intelligence Trends in 2016

Business Intelligence is still a subject of great importance, attracting decision makers from a wide variety of industries and allowing users to make data-based, informed decisions. As BI has developed over time, it has been democratized by technological advances and is no longer an exclusive tool of large enterprises. For this year, there are three major trends that stand out…


Document management builiding

[Document Management] So You Think You Know Document Management?

Document management is one of those words that has been thrown about without much care and so often in fact, that most people have forgotten what Document management truly is. Within this article, our very own Document management expert, with several years experience tries to redefine the true nature of Document management and how it can truly take your business to the next level.



[Other] Welcome to Symtrax blog!

Why a blog? To give our experts the opportunity to express their points of view on subjects that matter to them. This blog will gather information on the IT market, and on subjects such as data and document management within companies.