Automating sales orders directly in SAP relieves you of time and resource-intensive burdens.

When a customer asks the company to deliver goods or services, sales order requests happen. The order specifies the price, quantity, and important details such as the billing and shipping addresses, mode of payment, and terms and conditions. Generally, a business will take the following steps:

  1. The vendor provides the customer with a quote.
  2. Accepting the quote, the customer replies with a purchase order.
  3. The seller generates a sales order based on the purchase order.
  4. The customer may request a copy of the sales order to review details, though often businesses skip this step.
  5. The vendor creates an invoice based on the sales order.

Creating the sales order is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone, requiring valuable staff to do the repetitive process. And one wrong entry during the manual entry could majorly affect business profitability and customer satisfaction. When you must enter the data from these purchase orders into Excel sheets and process sales order details to SAP, it represents a severe bottleneck.

Automate sales order

Save time

Often a time and resource-intensive task, the traditional sales order automation cycle represents a considerable bottleneck for any business environment. Automating sales orders eases the strain caused by this process, significantly benefiting vendors and customers. It reduces or eliminates the need for paperwork by allowing the importation or conversion of sales orders directly in the ERP.

Enhance customer service

Automation also allows for heightened teamwork because multiple departments—sales, procurement, accounting, and customer service—can work off a single entry. Grant your sales reps the power to access vital information in seconds rather than have to sift through tons of paperwork. You can reduce errors and inconsistencies with quick and efficient answers to customer queries.

Scale easily

Sales order automation empowers you to scale without worrying about capacity or capability. You can process high volumes of incoming orders without hiring more staff.

Process data from any location

With cloud-based applications, sales order automation enables you to process data from anywhere. Your sales team can access vital customer info on calls and enjoy independence from internal sources. The speed, reliability, and efficiency of your employees will impress customers.

Automating Sales Orders with Symtrax

By automating sales orders with Symtrax, your new automation software solution can actively monitor the mailbox for incoming emails and smartly capture purchase orders from buyers. Real-time creation of sales orders ensures efficient delivery and helps realize benefits immediately.

  1. Businesses receive multiple Purchase Orders (POs) from customers in various formats through different channels, including B2B integration and web portals.
  2. Compleo Hybrid, our AI-powered solution, automatically captures the new POs immediately.
  3. Data from these POs is read and extracted using AI and machine learning technology. This happens independent of the PO format and layout.
  4. Compleo then performs all validation checks and creates an SO based on the pre-defined rules.
  5. Based on values from the PO (such as PO number, customer name, and line items in PO), our order management solution intelligently recognizes the material naming conventions between trading partner systems and maps the data. It also translates and validates critical information and automatically creates sales orders.
  6. SO is created in SAP, notifying all concerned parties/partners.
  7. Using AI-based RPA capabilities, repeat conversion and SO creation can be automated and simplified with real-time updates.

Compleo offers a Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) solution to automate complex business processes. The Compleo modules also consecutively map the extracted data into organized output files and archive them automatically. Its intricate yet intuitive design allows email configuration to route the output files to the end users in an automated, hands-free, and reliable fashion.

Effective, Hassle-free sales cycle management

Compleo Hybrid uses AI:

  • Conditional and business-specific material mapping.
  • Calibrated data for Just in Time deliveries.
  • AI-based RPA capabilities process POs in bulk to create SOs

Saves effort and aids in end-to-end automation:

  • Automatically captures PO via API/portals and more.
  • Optimizes data using RPA and ML features and recognizes POs received in any format.
  • Updates and validates data directly in SAP.

Take control of the PO to SO process faster with timely notifications:

  • Identify duplicates of a particular SO.
  • Fix value, quantity, or product mismatches.
  • Comply with a multi-way matching process.
    Access each document’s status in real-time.

Automating sales orders with Compleo Hybrid in SAP

Sales order automation enables the sales team to streamline manual, time-consuming, and resource-intensive tasks so your staff can focus on more important things. Data entry and administrative tasks take a back seat to selling and maintaining vital customer relationships. Automating tasks guarantee their completion, negating any chance of a salesperson neglecting to enter or pass data along during the sales cycle.
When you pair Compleo Hybrid with SAP, you get tools that cannot be matched for value and utility. Saving time and effort with automated PO capture will allow you to spend those resources on more immediate fiscal goals. The ease with which machine learning and AI can recognize POs gives you accurate insight and the knowledge to act quickly and decisively.
Schedule a demo in your Sandbox and see how powering your SAP protocols with Compleo Hybrid can liberate your team to focus on the things that matter: making sales and fostering customer relationships. Our experts would love to show you this exciting, elegant solution from Symtrax. You do not need IT expertise to use Compleo Hybrid for SAP, nor does implementation require disruption to your current business processes.