As the heading suggests ERP and MRP`s are an expensive investment for any business.

You have undoubtedly spent all your budget and time deciding on your ERP blueprint, probably with a helping hand from an equally expensive consultancy firm.

But hold on – you’re not live! In fact, you are so far from being live on your new system, that you may end up having to configure it for the rest of your life, on top of that your ROI will be wildly over estimated.

It’s ok! You are now an honorary member of the ERP movers and shakers group , who have also invested so much blood, sweat and tears plus plenty of $ that it’s too late to turn back. In fact you are so far into it, you are thinking of a career move! Even migrating to another country just to avoid the rocky ERP road ahead.


So that’s it – you’re at a crossroad, should you stay, run or hide? Or is there a solution somewhere out there that could pull this project back on track and make you out to be the super hero, a status you well deserve.

In conclusion, it is a big ask, which is made obvious as you look down the long list of expectations from all your business departments & personnel – including but not limited too :-

On paper the needs and wants are larger than life, but in reality this list is achievable within budget and on time with minimal staffing requirements.

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Simon Tilbury, UK Sales & Marketing Manager