This post contains some of the material we are presenting at our ASUG Chapter Group appearances this year on S/4 HANA. Follow us on Twitter for further information.

We recently discussed the threat of enterprise disruption and how it can keep companies from moving ahead into S/4 HANA. A related barrier is the perceived lack of ROI associated with modernization. Without a clear sense of return, a migration effort can stall in its tracks. Let’s look at the second of our list of  issues and what you can do to counter it.

Challenge #2: Lack of ROI

Your organization may fear a low return from any changes you choose to make. Whether it’s the hardware you may need, the new employees you hire, or the services you invest in, having an immediate incentive to do so is key. If your industry isn’t rushing to S/4, it can be difficult to leave your current business app environment behind.

Getting the most out of the newest SAP solutions can take research and exploration, work without an apparent reward given other logistical barriers.  To truly see the value of migration, consider the impact of not preparing for the future instead.

Solution: Future-Proofing

Lagging behind comes with a cost as well, one that will be more apparent in hindsight. Over time, the advantages of utilizing S/4 HANA may be more visible, both in terms of savings and the less direct value of cost-effective, system-compatible applications. Don’t neglect the gains you can realize from fluid solutions that aid in your company’s growth, or the real-world trends you may need to transform to satisfy.

SAP has anticipated some of the concerns you might have and has plenty of resources for maximizing potential within the cloud. Laying out concrete success metrics may also give you a better sense of why this transition and what aspects of your business will improve. Determine the path to the cloud that will be most relevant later on.

This series will conclude with a final piece about “transformation fatigue”. What is it, and how do you avoid it? Check back soon to find out!