Automate your GRN process with Compleo



Manufacturing across the FMCG industry is often very fast-paced. To keep manufacturing lines functional and ensure activities are not held up, inventory needs to be confirmed. Needless to say, the amount of goods being delivered at warehouses is more frequent and are generally larger consignments, usually to make up for faster rates of production. This raises a need to create and update GRN on time so as to facilitate further activities. Doing this manually, however, can lead to delays: for larger consignment deliveries, GRN creation and system updates, inventory management, and eventually vendor payments. Furthermore, this process is time and labor intensive, tedious and highly error prone.

Read this blog to know more about the consequences surrounding manual GRN process.

GRN automation with Compleo

Companies receive a delivery note from their vendor via email, either before or just as the goods arrive. Compleo Hybrid uses mailbox supervision to monitor a designated mailbox for all incoming emails. All attached delivery notes are picked up by Compleo for further processing. These notes are then compared with the existing purchase order to verify if the order delivered matches the one requested. Exceptions are filtered out and reported.

After successful validations checks with Compleo’s modules (specifically those designed for document formatting and customization), the required values are extracted and a GRN is created. This GRN can be customized to fit business needs as required. Finally, the GRN is pushed into the ERP and the concerned personnel are notified regarding the same.


The company is able to do away with hectic manual procedures involved in data entry and GRN creation. As a result, a GRN can be generated in minutes instead of hours, facilitating delivery, warehouse, and inventory management.

Moreover, invoice and PO validation checks can be carried out more quickly, thereby allowing faster payment completion. In fact, payment cycles are reduced from taking weeks to just a few days.  This helps improve not only business processes, but the vendor-buyer relationship altogether.