Business scenarios are often very dynamic and unpredictable. This can result in varying use cases to consider for the supply chain process, both in terms of inbound and outbound delivery. Inventory management always aims towards working at its optimum capacity. Maintaining a proper balance means avoiding both a surplus of unnecessary goods and a deficit which might keep you from fulfilling orders at hand.

Depending on supply and demand, the flow of business documents, such as delivery notes, invoices, and purchase orders, can always increase or decrease. Needless to say, a GRN is a critical document for efficient inventory and warehouse management. Handling said documents consecutively with the goods being received can be hectic, time consuming, and immensely subject to errors. A high-stakes task like this is both a priority and a necessity for effective resource management.

Therefore, process automation is imperative for involved parties to be able to process documents, update information, and carry forward pending operations while saving time.

The GRN automation process

Automation for GRN creation starts right from the supplier’s end. The data of the invoice can be stored in an electronic form, including barcodes or QR codes. These codes contain delivery information, such as material name, item code, amount, invoice number, and delivery note number, carried by each consignment the buyer receives.

The codes are scanned upon arrival, facilitating a process that takes minutes in case of manual processing, into just a few seconds. A GRN is generated from the recorded data and updated to the ERP system. The field, industry, and AP officials are then notified regarding the same.

Figure 1: GRN automation process

The benefits of GRN automation

Right from the start, automated at-the-gate deliverables data entry streamlines the movement of consignments waiting in line. And it goes without saying that it automatically accelerates the process of unloading goods and inventory management as well. This becomes more obvious when you consider that with automation, the time and labor-intensive process of manual data entry is diverted towards the supply chain’s better systemic functioning.

In addition, more precision in handling exceptions helps to easily eradicate the hectic reconciliation of paperwork. Authorities are notified instantly in case of data mismatch to avoid erroneous payments. Hence, losses that could occur due to such circumstances are eliminated.

GRN automation pushes EDI capabilities further to incorporate a complete, optimized process. With data exchanged almost entirely through a digital platform, a GRN can be created, shared, and pushed across to a buyer’s ERP system via a unified business document platform. This results in timely updates to all stake holders and allows for better planning and decision making.

Additionally, real-time storage and inventory updates can be sent to industry personnel, who can then resume assembly-line activities that were previously held-up due to goods being unavailable. Moreover, with more labor involved in field operations, other processes become a lot more systematic, and as a result, more efficient.

What we have to offer

Compleo Hybrid, our automation module, uses efficient business and process automation tools to help organizations digitize their GRN process. Its implementation does not require any hectic programming efforts and guarantees easier integration with your ERP, all while staying external to your system configuration.

We use certified ERP and API connectors to automate the entire process from data entry to document storage, with system updates and coordinated notifications sent to the relevant parties.

Compleo encapsulates an enhanced digital platform that can scale up your existing infrastructure to accommodate your changing business needs. It performs necessary validation checks to ensure that any processes being carried forward match the agreed upon terms and regulations. Hence, your compliance protocols are met at each step, offering a complete and reliable automation solution.

Furthermore, Compleo handles all document formats, giving you the flexibility to convert or customize templates and generate business-ready forms per your convenience.

With our solution, you can open the door to further digitization capabilities for all your business processes.

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