Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a torchbearer for digital transformation for the past couple of decades. Software technology like RPA can emulate human interaction with digital systems. It can Surpass a human’s ability to perform all kinds of back-office tasks such as data extraction, form completion, file movement, etc., and make traditionally manual approaches to rote tasks automatic. RPA tools can autonomously complete various activities and transactions across software systems using scripts that emulate human thinking.

This form of automation uses unique rules-based software to perform business actions at a large volume, liberating human resources to perform more critical tasks. RPA enables CIOs and other C-suite executives to heighten digitization and transformation efforts, thus generating a higher return on investment (ROI).

The finest RPA solutions go beyond task automation to include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision.

The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • No IT expertise required: RPA doesn’t need an in-house IT expert to configure and requires no coding. It features intuitive drag-and-drop /click-and-select features in user interfaces that anyone can use.
  • Cost savings: RPA reduces a team’s workload, allowing CIOs to reassign their staff to higher-priority work requiring human input, increasing productivity and ROI.
  • Customer satisfaction: bots and chatbots work around the clock, reducing customer wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Employee morale: by removing repetitive, manual workload from your team, RPA allows your staff to concentrate on thoughtful, deliberate decision-making. This change will bring happiness to your employees.
  • Accuracy and compliance: reduce human error by using software instructing RPA robots to follow specific guidelines and workflows.

Robotic Process Automation with Compleo Hybrid

Now, we are expanding our document management capabilities to include new digital document services with Compleo Hybrid. To help maintain any existing investments, these new additional SaaS services will work hand-in-hand with on-premises Compleo architecture for seamless performance.

Compleo Hybrid includes modules to be deployed on-premises or on a private cloud virtual machine, as well as in MS Azure® Symtrax Cloud. Whatever the platform, our solution matches your business requirements and functions both securely and efficiently. Symtrax Compleo SaaS Services are hosted on Microsoft® datacenters using regional preferences.

Compleo Hybrid extends business applications to external services without compromising security. A secured MS Azure® application manages outside access to the corporate network.

By combining digital document features delivered on-premises with additional services running in the cloud, Compleo works as a perfectly balanced hybrid solution.

This new hybrid architecture offers advanced document management functions, including:
• Digital signature: Requesting approval from an external partner requires opening a corporate network. However, doing this may pose a risk to open ports, inconveniencing your IT department. By implementing Compleo WebSign, your company can obtain approval from outside users for documents produced internally, all while ensuring security.
• Effective EDI: A web application is essential to manage status and feedback when handling trade documents through an Electronic Document Interchange. This allows you to deliver documents onto a tiered platform. Because of system-specific requirements, it’s often difficult to both link directly to and manage the delivery process on-premises. Therefore, using Compleo to work with either B2G platforms, such as Chorus Pro, Mercurius, and IRP, or B2B platforms, like PEPPOL, helps your internal IT meet ever-changing standards.

Our current online subscription service includes the latest Compleo Hybrid release at no additional cost. Current subscription customers can access new features without having to make any changes. At the same time, those new to Compleo can receive all the benefits from our legacy modules as needed.

Compleo Supervisor

For the best performance, existing distribution processes and delivery channels must coordinate. As such, Compleo Hybrid includes each individual step in transforming, converting, and delivering documents. Compleo Hybrid creates an efficient workflow that is secure, timely, and traceable, from document release to delivery. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through Compleo Supervisor provides high availability and load balancing as well to support high-volume workloads. Compleo Supervisor allows you to edit your document processing automatically. Reduce operational costs by industrializing the production of your documents from your information systems:

  • Save time in your document production.
  • Limit the risk of manual errors.
  • Simplify the maintenance of your document production.

Automate and Schedule Your Scenarios

Define the condition for each document type.

Each action is planned or triggered by the administrator from predefined events. Without modifying the existing format, sort, and group your documents in batches safely without the risks associated with manual processing.

Multi-Source Connection

Compleo Supervisor interacts with your environment. Whether your documents come from SAP, mailboxes, IBM mainframe, AS400, files or office applications, the module can automate processing.

Remotely Monitor & Supervise Your Documents

Deliver your document processes anywhere, thanks to the web and mobile interface: process relaunch, tracking actions or errors…

Increase Your Quality of Service & Reduce Your Operating Expenses

The architecture “high availability” is flexible and scalable to absorb high traffic and reroutes automatically in case of failure. Compleo Supervisor integrates with any type of architecture: simple or complex, single or multi-sites, for one or more environments.