How do I make the transition to digital SAP forms?

In traditional ABAP development, forms are to be processed though a print program to create an output, whether built by SAP SmartForm or Adobe Creative Suite. Finding an alternative to this print process by going straight to the digital document is a great move on SAP Digital Transformation.

Consider the number of disruptions in form management nowadays. How often does the same business document need to be printed, signed, scanned, reassigned properties or metadata, in order to be manually sent or saved, not to mention format adaptations. Alternating back-and-forth between digital and paper forms, breaches business document security and traceability. Plus it can be time-consuming and difficult to handle a large number of business forms.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows SAP output forms to remain digital from start to finish. Format all documents, populate them with metadata, apply electronic signatures, and distribute forms, staying digital from A to Z with Compleo RFC Service. It’s an important step of SAP Digital transformation.

How do I create SAP forms without Smartform development? Symtrax has a solution – what you see is what you get & output management is easy.

Whether you are using SMARTforms or Adobe Creative Suite, constantly struggling between digital information and paper forms, is unnecessary with a SAP digital forms solution. One solution may be more intuitive, however, it still requires the printing process. This is where the first part of your SAP digital transformation can take place- SAP output forms remain digital every step of the way, from form creation to distribution and archiving.

What does your SAP organization need for document output?
How do you perform digital transformation with a SAP Certified connector?

Forms need to be useful and distributable. A digital signature may be required for approval and metadata may be needed for traceability. Afterwards, you may use digital distribution, but scanning documents after-the-fact can lead to a lot of extra time spent entering the same data over and over again.

You can go back-and-forth with ticket requests, or you can perform your entire SAP forms process, digitally – no spool data needed! It doesn’t even take programming knowledge to utilize our document management suite. You don’t even need an output device. Use our connector for a straightforward, paperless process that has the ability to embed everything required for digital transformation, including digital signatures, QR Codes, PDF attachments and more.

Keeping your forms digital allows you to be a better business partner.

One of the most visible contributions of the IT department:
– Output forms or business documents that End Users receive
– Shared or distributed forms that reflect on their organization

If you can provide a digital rendering of your document, it will be more compatible with modern systems, like the cloud. It will function better on mobile and will have a better overall appearance. You will always have all of the information that you want in your forms, so as to maintain their integrity and security.

Digital SAP business documents will benefit customers and vendors, as they will be more capable of distributing and integrating electronic Forms into their partner workflows. Whether your business partners prefer XML, or they would rather receive documents on a mobile device, our solution will keep output form digital and simple.

Using Compleo RFC Service for SAP, automatically solves pre-existing issues for documents requiring external authorization and traceability.

IT is the key to every company’s growth, but do you have the right tools in your SAP kit to optimize external workflows and reduce manual errors?

Whether you run a system on ECC6 or S/4HANA, Compleo’s RFC protocol can delegate digital output forms creation and perform distribution on a Windows machine. Once you’ve digitized your output process, ask yourself: “up to what point can my organization remain digital?”

There may not be a clear answer, but a digital workflow can simplify process complexity and takes the headache out of SAP forms processing. Stop doing manual quality checks and have ample time for more productive work with our RFC Service for SAP.

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